CRC 2019 Perfect Pairings

CRC 2019 “Perfect Pairings” features craft beer by Yards Brewing Company and Craft Cocktails by 13th Street Craft Cocktail Catering

CRC 2019

CRC Raises Necessary Funds to Support Hope, Help, and Healing in Camden NJ

CRC 2019 New Venue

12th Annual Crossing the River for a Cause
New Venue
New Menu
New Entertainment

Social Activities

Teens are exposed to a variety of social activities to ensure they are well-rounded and ready to excel in any situation

Positive Peers

The CASA Camden program allows teens to interact with positive peers and form meaningful friendships

High School Success

In Camden only 64% of the population has a high school diploma…100% of students in the CASA program graduate high school!

College Access

Throughout the year CASA Camden offers 10 college tours, SAT Prep classes, assistance with FAFSA and financial aid documents, and over all guidance to teens and families wishing to attend college

Career Services

We recognize that college isn’t the best option for each student. We work hard to encourage our teens to examine their best “fit” including career, military, and trade unions as well. Our “Next Step Advisors” are there each step of the way to help.