Positive Youth Development at GFS means fostering the best in teens


Social/Educational Experiences

Teens are exposed to various social and education experiences so that they feel comfortable and prepared for the world outside of Camden

Life Skills/Mentoring

A team of professionals and volunteers work to mentor and provide positive examples to teens often times creating life changing bonds

Next Step Advisors work with each teen to ensure they are making the best decision for their post-secondary education plan. CASA has a 100% high school graduation rate.


A group of people holding up their paintings


Positive social interactions are a huge part of the CASA program.

A group of people in graduation attire posing for the camera.


Each teen is encouraged to succeed academically and is given the tools to do so through tutoring, access to technology, and mentoring

A group of young people wearing gray shirts.


Opportunities for leadership are endless in the CASA program including through the formal Youth Ambassador position or youth leader role

A group of young men sitting on the side of a building.


Teens learn the value of giving back and the importance of taking pride in their neighborhood